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How to make a complaint about our services

If you have concerns or are unhappy about any of our services, you have the right to complain and to have your complaint investigated.

Making a complaint will not adversely affect your current or future treatment, or that of your relative or someone you care for.

How do I make a complaint?

If your complaint relates to services provided by Richmond Pharmacy, please talk to a member of staff where the problem arose. They will do their best to deal with your complaint and where possible, put things right in an informal manner.

Formal complaints about Richmond Pharmacy can be made via email, fax, or letter and can also be made verbally. Once your complaint has been received you will be contacted by a member of the complaints team to discuss and agree with you the best way to handle your complaint. Your complaint will be investigated thoroughly and in confidence. Information arising from the investigation of your complaint will be used to help identify areas of improvement in our pharmacy services.

Richmond Pharmacy

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